Unflued Portable Heaters

Portable Gas Heaters

Unflued or flueless gas heaters are a great way to heat your home. They have a number of advantages over flued heaters.

Energy Efficiency & Operating Costs

The typical Star Ratings for Unflued gas heaters are from 5.8 to 5.9 Stars, meaning that they are about 90% efficient in converting the gas to usable heat. Flued gas heaters are not as efficient as unflued gas heaters because some of the heat is lost through the flue.

Unflued (portable) gas heaters do emit some combustion gases into your home, with the maximum levels specified by government safety regulations. Care should be taken when using an unflued gas heater if the family includes very young, unborn, elderly or individuals with some medical conditions, as they may be more sensitive to the emissions. However, for the majority of people, they are quite safe when you follow all of the manufacturer’s safety instructions, including providing adequate ventilation.

Purchase Cost

Unflued heaters cost less. When comparing like sized flued and unflued gas heaters from the same manufacturer, the flued heaters are 44% to 57% more expensive.

Installation Cost

If you already have a bayonet fitting in your home, there is no cost to install an unflued heater. Even if you need to add a bayonet, the installation costs would be modest. In addition, you do not need to put a flue hole in your wall or roof, so there is no risk of water leaks nor the extra cost of a flue kit.


Unflued heaters can be moved where needed, from one room to another, as long as each room has a gas bayonet connection. This is why they are commonly referred to as Portable Heaters. The heater plugs into the bayonet connection via a gas hose. This also allows you to rotate the direction of the heater to aim the heat at or away from a particular part of the room.

Moving Home

Portable heaters are much easier to take with you when you move! You simply disconnect it from the bayonet and go! Also, Portable heaters can be converted more easily. In most models, this allows the possibility to convert from natural gas to LPG (bottled) gas and vise versa. Much less expensive than purchasing a new heater!

Unlike a portable heater, moving a flued heater requires a gas fitter to uninstall the unit and reinstall it at your new home. There is also the issue of the flue hole in the wall or ceiling if you remove the heater. In addition, most home buyers would consider it to be a built-in appliance and expect it to remain with the house.

Service & Maintenance

Of course, to get the best from your portable heater, it is necessary to have regular servicing. Simply book an appointment with us at your convenience and we’ll come to you! No more lugging your heater to a service centre!

Our Portable Unflued Heater service will include:

  • On time arrival at your property, with a courtesy call in the event of a delay
  • Overall operational assessment of your heater
  • Gas hose and bayonet safety check
  • The removal and cleaning of all filters
  • The removal of all internal dust build up from the fan and internal working of unit
  • Inspection of gas injectors for correct size
  • Testing, adjustment and correction of operation gas pressure
  • To clean the bits you cant reach with the cover fitted
  • To replace and test heater for correct working operation
  • Unbiased advice on repair and/or replacement of the appliance

Ultra efficient power Unflued heating

All gas appliances and specifically flueless heaters within your house should be periodically inspected in order:
  • to prevent reduced efficiency which can add $ to your gas bill
  • to ensure no escape of dangerous gasses, such as carbon monoxide, are present
  • to reduce any potential fire risk or operational hazard
  • to maintain the appliance for safe use as designed

It’s recommended all gas appliances are inspected and serviced every two years, especially those inside your home. All appliances over 10 years old should be serviced every year!

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