Ducted Heating Service

Your Central Heating service includes:

  • Discuss the operation of the furnace and determine a course of action. Will a service to the unit rectify the problem, or is there a breakdown fault?
  • Inspect the position / location of the furnace to ensure compliance with ASA regulations.
  • Inspect the flue clearances from combustible materials, ie roof trusses.
  • Inspect the pilot assembly, remove the assembly and clean, refit.
  • Inspect the pilot burner, remove and clean, refit.
  • Inspect the fan assembly, service and clean if required.
  • Measure and adjust the fan speed if required.
  • Test and adjust the gas pressures in line with specifications.
  • Inspect, test and adjust the gas valve, if required.
  • Check and adjust the electronic parameter settings, if required.
  • Inspect and clean the return air filter.
  • Test the overall operation of the heating system.
  • Inspect and advise on any alteration to the ducting system.
  • Advise on any estimated replacement part costs if required.

We Are The Highlands Most Experienced Brivis Technicians, And Have Probably Attended Your System Before! Trust True Local Experience Every Time!

(Not a Sydney franchise agent!)

We will provide unbiased, professional advice on the continued life expectancy of your central heating unit and give you an estimate of the cost of repair vs replacement.